NFT + Charity + Box + Community

This project is being created in by one of the participants of Business Boxing Poland (BBP) gala, which supports charitable goals. The event takes place on May 12th, at the WTC in Poznan, Poland.

Business Boxing Gloves (BBGloves) is a dynamic NFT collection created for the following purposes:

  • Raising funds for a charity drive (we support the In-Spire Foundation)
  • Demonstrating the possibility of creating charity drives in the form of NFT drops
  • Breaking the record amount raised for Business Boxing Poland; we want to collect 4 ETH, with current market value of approximately 35,000 PLN, which would mean the highest amount raised by one fighter in the history of BBP
  • Experimenting with digital ownership and value, giving the collection its utility through community involvement
  • Education and onboarding of new users to own their first crypto wallets & assets

Time until the next Biznes Boxing Gala in Poznan


May 10

Collection reveal


Collection supply


ETH / piece

Team of fighters

Biznes Boxing Poland

Media training photo of the contenders of 50th edition of Business Boxing Poland gala that takes place on

12th of May, 2023



Founder of BBGloves - trains boxing since the January 2023

Fight of the night

City Mayor

President of Poznań fighting against Mateusz Masternak (PRO-boxer)

The graphic design project is done generatively using randomly selected layers within attributes - classical way known from collections like BAYC etc.

400 NFT pieces available to collect by supporting charity (0.01 ETH + fees).

We're supporting locally but thinking & acting globally.

Let's show how Web3/Crypto community works beyond borders in order to achieve the goal of making the world a better place.

No roadmap, no promises. This collection serves a purely charitable goal of raising funds together with Business Boxing Poland.

BBGloves is a dynamic collection - expect the unexpected.

Skibee & KantorBałtyk - 2023